What’s with the patch?

Well, as I’ve explained before, Little’s right eye (unlike her left) is the opposite of lazy – it’s diligent, hard working, straight as an arrow, nothing wonky about it. So, it kinda makes sense that she’d rather use the eye that doesn’t have her seeing two moms or four dogs or two servings of that multivitamin she’s not too fond of. The point of patching (occlusion therapy) is to put the lazy eye to work by forcing the brain to use the weaker eye… I like to think of it as ‘cracking the optic whip’. Once the patch is on, the glasses go on and it’s actually pretty darn cool to see her left eye straightening up – at least for the hour that she does her daily pirate princess impression.

The downsides?

There are two…

  1. Taking it off. It’s like a really sticky, really stubborn Band-Aid. And, because it’s like a really stick, really stubborn Band-Aid, you’ve gotta commit to the pulling off process (speed is key) and use you ninja-mom reflexes to apply a deep pressure cuddle the millisecond the ‘stick’ has left the skin.
  2. The actual patches. Tipsy tractors, the Olsen twins puppies, some dinosaurs clearly on LSD, a couple of ‘B list’ bunnies* and some other animated atrocity** that I’ve clearly blocked from memory (as is the case with traumatic events) – those are my choices courtesy of the brand/supplier prescribed by the Doc. There’s another supplier that does a flesh coloured patch (er, um, no) and a patterned range, which at closer inspection is pirate themed – now that, that’s genius! Gonna have to get Little some of those.

Patch by Ortopad

#littlelenses by Julbo

‘Bodysuit’ Vest by Cotton On Kids

High Chair by Peg Perego

*Beatrix Potter they are not.

** I just remembered it’s a turtle, not actually atrocious. In fact, given the options available to me, it’s my preferred patch, which is why there aren’t any left in the box.

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