Ten degrees of separation

… that’s ten prism diopters, to be precise. That’s the difference between the degree of Little’s ‘squint’ back in November last year and today. You see, today we went back to the Doc who’s diagnosis was so confusing that I practically walked out of his consulting room with a squint (and frown lines I fear Botox couldn’t rectify) and today we got clarity.

What we learned:

  1. A squint is a tricky little bugger that changes/develops/worsens over time. As Little grows into her über trendy ‘mini’ Converse high tops (courtesy of her über trendy Aunty Alex) so too will she grow into her eyes… and her particular brand of strabismus.
  2. Had we had surgery back in November we’d be having surgery again ‘cos her straightened eyes would have turned in again (to the tune of ten prism diopters). So… Whew! Viva la second opinion, viva!
  3. You get two types of strabismus – Infantile and Accommodative. We knew that. I mean, I’ve been Googling this thing since September.  But… what we didn’t know is that you can in fact be a bit of both, 50/50, half the type you always operate on plus half the type you never operate on. Um, yeah. Enter the un-botox’able frown lines.
  4. While early intervention is critical. Really, it is. The ‘must operate before a year’ and must ‘operate before 18 months’ and must this’s and must that’s are not really MUSTS, they’re well-informed guidelines. Rather than putting a timeline on it I prefer the phrase ‘as early as possible’ when talking about slicing into one’s bundle of joy’s eyes. As early as you (and your Doc) have a clear picture of what’s going on, as early as you (and your Doc) have explored the ‘first do no harm’ route/s, as early as you (and your Doc) are confident that surgery is a MUST.

So, will Little have surgery?



not before we have been back in a month’s time for our Doc to thoroughly examine her with all the bells and whistles (really, there are actual bells and bobbing, flashing, Mickey Mouse-shaped whistles*). If the degree of her squint is still 45 prism diopters and her glasses are still only pulling her eyes half straight (23 prism diopters) then I shall be rocking a dodgy green hospital gown and waterproof mascara in 6 to 8 weeks time.

If her squint’s gone more squinty** – or less – then we wait. Another month. Another consult. Another chance to make sure we kick this squint’s butt like Beyoncé kicks a Super Bowl performance – out of the park!


*Paediatric Opthalmologists and photographers officially do the best, funniest, most #craycray things to maintain and keep a little person’s attention.

** Dude, you try saying strabis-, strab-, strabismussy. Sheesh, doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. And, this mama’s got a stutter. Yeah. ‘Squinty’ it is!

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