When my little girl was 8-months old she was diagnosed with a Congenital Squint and prescribed glasses, which she may* need to wear throughout her childhood. While her diagnosis is certainly not life-threatening it is life-altering and requires adjustment on her part and on mine, as her mom. From ‘How did you know your baby needed glasses?’ to ‘Are you sure they’re not on upside down?’ and ‘I’ve got to ask, where did you get your baby’s adorable sunglasses from?’ I’ve been asked (and answered) a lot of questions over the past couple of months while asking plenty of questions of my own. When I posted the first image of my Little in her glasses I tagged the image #littlelenses and decided to start this blog…

Part diary, part resource, I look forward to creating a place where other #littlelenses moms can come to share, laugh, learn and give advice on everything from how to actually get an appointment with a top opthalmologist (this year) to how to pick the perfect pair of frames.

As with all things in life, it’s how you choose to look at a situation that counts…


* I say ‘may’ because the jury’s still out on whether the glasses will completely straighten the ‘lazy’ eye (no surgery), or partially straighten it (surgery and glasses thereafter), or not do anything in which case she’ll have a series of surgeries to cosmetically ‘fix’ it. 

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